ECB - Bivoltine

ECB larva

Beginning with the 2018 growing season, European corn borer (ECB) degree-days (DD) will be provided on VegEdge to assist growers, processors and agronomists with key information on expected timing of each major life stage, e.g., timing of first moth emergence, peak moth flight, first egg-lay, etc. The first DD maps are being provided for the bivoltine (2-generation) strain. We use a Modified DD model with lower (50F) and upper thresholds (86F), and January 1st as the start date; this is similar to the original model developed at the University of Wisconsin (Dr. J.W. Apple, Extension Entomology, UW-Madison). Degree-days were calculated from daily temperature data provided by the U.S.A. National Phenology Network.

Current degree-days

Forecast degree-days